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To unleash and inspire the faith-filled, authentically urban, and creative voices of today to shine their brilliance on an ever-changing world, through access to an easy full-scale self-publishing process.

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About us:

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WorkHouse Publishing (Agency) was created to bring self-publishing authors of copyrightable written and audio material into the public domain to collectively safeguard against piracy throughout the production, replication, and the distribution of their works into the public domain. WorkHouse offers a full range of publishing services at a direct cost to authors via a negotiated contract that includes many components of the publishing process. Authors agree to render their works or products to WorkHouse Publishing as their designated “Agency” for agreed upon services. Authors will be responsible for determining what contracted services to procure directly from the Agency. In addition, all costs will be determined and agreed upon prior to services rendered by the Agency.

Featured Author:

Rodney D. Robinson-Rogers

Motto “Laugh Hard Enough to Scare the Fear Away"

About The Featured Author

Rodney D. Robinson-Rogers

Beauty of the Battle: Spiritual Warfare Reimagined

Born in Columbus, Ohio to a single mother, nonetheless, I was raised in a nuclear family, mom was 21 years old, and I was the second born. Mom was a worker. It was my grandma that cared for my sister and I during the day. I still remember falling asleep on my grandma’s lap during the days when my big sister was in school, and the joy I had knowing that I had her all to myself. The women in my life informed my character to embrace courageous independence. I remember moving from Grandma’s house to our own apartment on the west side of Columbus where mom, my sister and I became a unit. Starting kindergarten, the first day was indeed terrifying. I recall the poor lady that my mom called teacher had to coax me out from under the desk my first day of kindergarten with an offering of candy and she too gave me time on her lap. The church has always been a center of focus growing up. My family were churched folks. In the Black Baptist church world that would mean you were reared to view the church, faith in God, family, and community all as one. The home church in Columbus was indeed a privileged Black community. I remember my mother buying her first car from the church credit union. I also financed my car with the credit union as an adult. My relationship with my family and the church continues to inspire growth and a desire to serve others. What inspires me most is looking back over my 63 years of life and witnessing the faithfulness of God. God is faithful! My mom would remind me of this despite daunting external conditions, and I have found her statement to be true. So, when times change, when troubles come, or things get frustrating. I have put into practice a method learned from growing up in a churched family. We love to laugh and are well-practiced in it! I find laughter and a good hard laugh as an antidote to overcoming fear and doubt!

My journey into more creative writing began in 2020 amid the ongoing pandemic. It was during this time when I felt helpless and isolated that the inspiration to explore writing creatively started. I had originally considered publishing a compilation of a popular sermon series preached a few years back into a book. However, in the environment of the pandemic, I re-imagined the book from a creative perspective. Hence my first novel was born.

The sermon series called, Beauty of the Battle, Spiritual Warfare Reimagined from an Urban Perspective became alive with strong witty characters and a plot that delves into the dark side of injustice encountered in the urban situation and how God’s justice transforms. In addition, I discovered a love for poetic expression during this period. I recall that the poetic expression came forth also in 2020 after experiencing a personal crisis. News came that my sister who is a geriatric nurse and our mother were infected. It was a grave and harsh reality for me that while living in Philadelphia and they in Columbus, it was difficult not to feel helplessly overwhelmed. Yet prayer and faith in the faithfulness of God! Poetry became a form of personalized psalm. Mom and my sister both survived, and a new creative gift was discovered.

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Services Provided

WorkHouse Publishing provides the following services:

a) written material: publishing consultation, copyright oversight, copy/line/mechanical editing, formatting, design, publicity, contracting, marketing, and data management of sales and cost

b) audio material publishing consultation, copyright oversight, publicity, marketing, contracting, and data management sales and cost from end to end based on the terms of the agreement.


The Agency shall reserve the right to offer both non-exclusive and exclusive agreements to authors. The Agency shall reserve the right to negotiate and be paid for all expenditure relating to publishing its authors' materials. The Agency will not sale licensing or agreements of any type without the expressed consent of authors. That includes future contract awards relating to the performance and reproduction of materials under agreement with WorkHouse Publishing in any form for use in the public domain.


The Agency is committed to the assistance and full-scale services to the client creator to assure that revenue generated through the sales and distribution of their products and services are received and equitably distributed between client creator and Agency. The Agency guarantees to All authors under agreement of publication services that they shall retain full ownership rights of material. In addition, authors have the right collect sales revenue and future royalties after publishing expenses or if expenses are paid by the author upfront, they shall retain full revenue of sales and future royalties without encumbrance from the Agency. All original material shall remain solely the author's intellectual property unless otherwise sold in part or in full to the Agency.

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